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About Us


We design and supply uniforms for kids, blue collar & white collar workers, government officers, institutional & healthcare employees. We are also catering to the needs of books, sport equipments, stationery supply and other accessories that supplement your 'Vardi'. Vardi Makers is a customer-friendly platform that makes uniform buying an easy process by giving options of customization and delivery to your door-step in any part of the world. Our team of skilled designers and tailors design and produce uniforms that give people a sense of confidence, comfort and safety. The talent pool of our design team focuses on creating identities through uniforms while ensuring a positive visual impact.

Vardi’s are a perk. A shirt, a tie and a blazer may not be the ingredient of our favorite outfit, but if given a chance we will never throw your school away. The two-tone shade of clothing for 15 years has emotions and learning that are cherished for a lifetime. The significance that a uniform holds in our lives has inspired our team to take care of your uniform needs. The VardiMakers are about quality and service. Our Vardi’s have helped businesses in creating a professional identity along with communicating their brand and motivating their employees.

‘Our Vardi’s are designed to work as hard as you’

Vision: To be the leading provider of the finest uniform solutions by offering exceptional customer service in different business and industry verticals.

Mission: To focus on outstanding customer experience to build a significant brand identity.